Perfect Keylogger

Today we will review monitoring software Perfect Keylogger (version 1.68) produced by BlazingTools Software.

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Perfect Keylogger Box

Look and Feel

After installation of the Perfect Keylogger its icon is shown in System Tray. To open Options window we right-click icon and choose “Options…”.

Perfect Keylogger - Interface 1

Perfect Keylogger - Interface 2

All the options are grouped into tree-like categories list. After choosing the category, its options are presented in the right window part. Such interface is easy for understanding, which saves time on the keylogger’s configuration.

To open the log viewer we double click program’s icon. There is a calendar for selection of the date or date range for log records viewing on the top of appeared window. Near the calendar log management buttons are arranged. Below we see four radio buttons. According to selected radio button corresponding information is shown in large frame at the bottom of the screen.

Perfect Keylogger - Log Viewer

Keyboard Logging

Perfect Keylogger logs system keys and keychars pressed, as well as clipboard content. Logging is user friendly as we see not only pressed keys, but also in which application and at what time they were typed (heavy faced type).

Perfect Keylogger - Keyboard Logging

Non-character keys can be included or excluded from the logging. It means that Perfect Keylogger possesses ability to change view between All Keys/Read Easy.

Perfect Keylogger - Keyboard Logging 3

So, in this section, Perfect Keylogger is a high achiever, getting 4 points out of 5, which is equated with 80%.

Files & Apps Logging

Unfortunately, Perfect Keylogger doesn’t offer monitoring of the main file activities (creating, removing, copying, printing, uploading to Internet/USB). Also Perfect Keylogger doesn’t log applications activities, such as Launch and Stop Time, Installation, Removal.

In contrast to previous results, in this section program gets 0 points out of 9 or 0%.


Perfect Keylogger successfully logs all visited websites and social networks in popular browsers, namely, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge.

Perfect Keylogger - Online Monitoring

It also logs received and sent emails, but only via web-based, not desktop email clients.

Concerning logging of chat conversations, we made testing with four Messengers: Facebook, Skype, Google Talk, Slack. And Perfect Keylogger failed at all listed ones. Well, to be fair, version 1.68 might already be out of date and newer versions would likely have pass this test much better. Furthermore, it is stated in Help section that Perfect Keylogger 1.68 supports ICQ, Miranda, Skype, Google Talk, MSN, AIM, AOL, Yahoo, QIP. So it seems that old version of Perfect Keylogger just doesn’t support new versions of messengers.

It is important to note that Perfect Keylogger has an interesting feature of logging enabling only when PC is connected to Internet.

In points, Online operation of Perfect Keylogger has 7 of 12, which are middle-in 58%.


Again, Perfect Keylogger shows disappointing results as it doesn’t log PC turn on/off and inactivity time, so as USB device attaching.

And predictably, here Perfect Keylogger receives 0 of 4 points, getting a result of 0%!


Here we are with some optimistic results! It seems that Perfect Keylogger is nearly perfect in something, specifically, in screenshots’ making. It allows configuration of screenshots’ quality and interval of their making.

Perfect Keylogger - Screenshots

Moreover, Perfect Keylogger can capture screens on mouse clicks in pre-specified windows. Choosing between full screen and active window photo is also available.

Additionally, Perfect Keylogger can boast some rare feature: activation/deactivation of time stamp and user name on screenshots.

Perfect Keylogger - Screenshots Viewer

The only omission in this section is absence of Screenshots Uploading to Cloud. This function would be beneficial for hard drive space saving.

An additional, somehow disputable feature, Perfect Keylogger’s visual surveillance. This option can become icing on the cake for parental control, but, at the same time, it may inflict harm in case of inappropriate use.

Altogether Perfect Keylogger obtains 4 points out of 5, resulting in 80%.

Logs & Reports

A section, where today’s hero shows not bad, but not good results.

First of all, Perfect Keylogger incorporates several useful filter options: by keyword, by application and by date.

Perfect Keylogger - Logs & Reports

Perfect Keylogger - Logs & Reports 2

It means that software can be configured to detect preselected words/phrases and to filter which applications to monitor. Perfect Keylogger allows viewing of the logging information for a selected day or a period of days. It also sends the log files (in HTML or encrypted format) by means of email and/or FTP.

Perfect Keylogger - Logs & Reports 3

Perfect Keylogger - Logs & Reports 4

As it is seen on above screenshots, sending of files has a number of options, for example, log file format and log size needed to be reached for uploading. All these features make Perfect Keylogger more flexible and versatile for user.

Unfortunately, the keylogger doesn’t provide aggregated statistics.

Perfect Keylogger can’t do filtering by user and uploadу files to the Cloud storages, which have become very popular nowadays (but we think that mentioned function of logs sending via FTP partially compensate this omission, especially in view of FTP Cloud Storage availability).

So, Perfect Keylogger doesn’t win much in this section, getting – 4 of 7 points or 57.14%.


Regrettably, Perfect Keylogger has no blocking options. It can’t block applications, users’ accesses, websites, attached USB devices. No prizes for guessing, blocking by schedule is unavailable too.

So, in this section Perfect Keylogger obtains 0 of 5 points and 0%!


Results of this part of testing shows that Perfect Keylogger is not bad at hiding.

Perfect Keylogger is password-protected.

Despite the fact that the keylogger can be hidden from Ctrl+Alt+Del, its folder, including executable file, is found with little effort.

Perfect Keylogger - Self Protection

Perfect Keylogger can be opened by pressing hotkeys; however using keyword is unavailable for this purpose.

For the record, program allows customization of notification banner text.

Perfect Keylogger gets 3 of 6 possible points in current section, which is equaled to 50%.


Perfect Keylogger obtains 22 of possible 53 points or 41.51%. In fact, not much at all. But it shows really contrasting results ranging from 0 to 80%.

Perfect Keylogger presents itself sophisticated in keyboard logging and screenshots while offer almost nothing in file activity monitoring and blocking. In spite of such results it is very handy and can be successfully used for home monitoring.

It also should be mentioned that strengthening of apparent weak points will make this prospective program indeed Perfect Keylogger.