StaffCop Standard Edition

Today we will review monitoring software by Atom Security Inc called StaffCop Standard

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StaffCop-Standard Box

Look and Feel

StaffCop Standard - Interface

The interface of StaffCop Standard keylogger is  very handy and thought-out. All the configuration-related buttons are located in the ribbon on the top. The rest of the screen is divided into two parts: the left tiny one contains the list of monitored PCs, the right (and the biggest one) shows the information logged. It is grouped per its type (keyboard, social networks, etc) and can be switched using tabs in the bottom. All is pretty clear without reading User Manuals, so if we would give points in this section, StaffCop Standard would have received maximum.

Keyboard Logging

A long time ago this would probably be the only section in our review, yet the time has changed. Modern keyloggers not only log more than keys pressed only but also have lots of sub-sections in “keyboard logging”.

Staff Cop Standard - Keyboard Logging

StaffCop Standard is not an exception. This keylogger can log both system keys and keychars pressed. What is important, it can show you not only which keys were pressed, but also which application they were typed in. Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the option to switch between all the keys typed to “easy to read” view. This means that if a user, for example, was making mistakes during typing and pressed Backspace a lot, then in log files of StaffCop Standard you’ll see “Ha ← e lll ← o” instead of easy-to-read “Hello“. It is better to have information presented this way, then not to have system keys logged, however, having “easy-to-read” view would have made using StaffCop Standard even more comfortable.

And last, but not least is the clipboard. Yes, StaffCop Standard logs its content.

So, in this section, StaffCop Standard gets almost maximum: 4 points out of 5, showing the result of 80%.

Files & Apps Logging

The result of StaffCop Standard in this section is near to perfect. The keylogger detects files’ creating, removing and printing, leaving unknown only the fact of their copying. In addition to the inability of StaffCop Standard to log files’ uploading to the cloud or copying to USB drive, it makes it hard to detect unauthorized copying (read: stealing) of sensitive information with this keyloggers.

As for the apps, all is easy as apple pie: StaffCop Standard is capable of monitoring of all the apps-related activities of our testing. I.e. it logs their installation, removal, launch and stop time.

So, in this section, StaffCop Standard receives 7 points out of 9, which leads to a result of 77,78%.


Again, section, where StaffCop Standard shows almost perfect results.

StaffSop Standard - Websites Visited

First, this keylogger logs the websites visited in all the modern browsers, including even those, with SSL-encryption. Second, it logs emails sent (and received) via desktop email clients. Third, it does the same with the content of Social Networks visited.

The only problems  StaffCop Standard are the logging of Instant Messengers. It perfectly logs messages in Skype and Facebook but fails to do the same when dialogues happen in Google Talk or Slack that are both commonly used in modern offices.

So, here StaffCop Standard receives 10 of 12 possible points, thus getting a result of 83,33%! 


A very important section if you want to use your keylogger for parental control or employee monitoring. Luckily, StaffSop Standard shows almost the same, pretty good results in it.

StaffSop Standard - Events Logging

Among all the features listed in this section, the only thing the keylogger we test can’t do is to monitor user’s inactivity time. In contrary, it perfectly logs PC turn on/off time and the fact of attaching a USB device (which is vital if you suspect data stealing in your company).

In points, StaffCop Standard gets 3 of 4, which are 75%.


StaffSop Standard - Screenshots

When it comes to screenshots the result of StaffCop Standard is… Yup, near to perfect, as usual 🙂 This keylogger allows configuring quality and quantity of screenshots to make, can be configured to make them every time a pre-specified action happens and can photo both main and second display. What it can’t do, unfortunately, is to upload the screenshot somewhere to the cloud which is handy and takes less space on a hard drive.

In this section, StaffCop Standard receives 4 of 5 points, i.e. 80%.

Logs & Reports

A section, where StaffCop Standard, unfortunately, shows a result which is slightly better than average.

Let’s start from what this keylogger can do. It can generate aggregated statistics (see the screenshot), filter logs by date and by keyword typed and last, but definitely not least – to send log files remotely to a pre-specified email address.

StaffSop Standard - Logs & Reports

What it can’t do, is the rest of filtering (by user and by application) and upload files to the cloud (which is, in our opinion, the handiest way of storing the log files).

StaffCop Standard doesn’t lose much in this section, but the result is, as it was already said, near to the average – 4 of 7 points and 57,14%.


A very important category both for parental control and employee monitoring. Luckily, the result of StaffCop Standard here is near to perfect as almost always.

The only thing StaffCop Standard can’t block is a pre-specified list of Windows accounts, as for the rest (blocking apps, websites, attached USB devices) – all works perfectly. Moreover, blocking can be configured to work by the schedule. Well done, guys!

So, 4 of 5 points and 80% in this section!


Unfortunately, this section is the one where StaffCop Standard shows the worst result. Among the features present here, this keylogger only encrypts its log files and is protected by the password. He can’t be started by pressing a hotkey combination or typing a pre-specified, secret, keyword. Its .exe file is not hidden at all and there is no way you can remove the log files of it remotely. Well, it looks like StaffCop Standard works pretty good, but hides badly.

It gets only 2 of 6 possible points in this section and ends up with a result of 33,33%.


Summing up we can say that despite StaffCop Standard is promoted as, first of all, the employee monitoring keylogger, it also can be perfectly used for home monitoring and parental control. However, please do not forget to hide it wisely before starting the monitoring.

In total, StaffCop Standard receives 38 of possible 53 points and gets a result of 71,70%! Well done, Atom Security!